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Destination Shipping costs Free Shipping from Delivery time
Iberian Peninsula €3.95 €20 24-48h
Canary Islands €3.95 €20 24-48h
Portugal €3.95 €20 24-48h
Germany 19.95 €49 3-7 days
Austria 19.95 €49 3-7 days
Belgium 19.95 €49 3-7 days
Cyprus 19.95 €49 3-7 days
Croatia 19.95 €49 3-7 days
Denmark 19.95 €49 3-7 days
Slovakia 19.95 €49 3-7 days
Slovenia 19.95 €49 3-7 days
Estonia 19.95 €49 3-7 days
Finland 19.95 €49 3-7 days
France 19.95 €49 3-7 days
Greece 19.95 €49 3-7 days
Hungary 19.95 €49 3-7 days
Ireland 19.95 €49 3-7 days
Italy 19.95 €49 3-7 days
Latvia 19.95 €49 3-7 days
Lithuania 19.95 €49 3-7 days
Luxembourg 19.95 €49 3-7 days
malt 19.95 €49 3-7 days
Netherlands 19.95 €49 3-7 days
Poland 19.95 €49 3-7 days
Czech Republic 19.95 €49 3-7 days
Romania 19.95 €49 3-7 days
Sweden 19.95 €49 3-7 days
Iceland 19.95 €49 3-7 days
Liechtenstein 19.95 €49 3-7 days
Norway 19.95 €49 3-7 days

Currently, for logistical reasons, we do not ship to Ceuta and Melilla, the Balearic Islands, as well as the Portuguese and French islands.

All our shipments are quickly prepared before 12 noon and sent safely. Orders placed after the checkout time are shipped the next business day. To know when your order is shipped, keep an eye on your email inbox. We will send you a shipping confirmation of your order and you will also receive an SMS from the logistics company indicating the estimated delivery date. On weekends or holidays, shipments are handled the next business day. Delivery times depend on the destination area. Shipments are not made on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays, but on the next business day.

→ How can I track my shipment?

As soon as your order leaves our logistics center, you will receive a shipping confirmation email. You can track your shipment using the link you will find in the email. You can also track it using the SMS that our logistics company will send you. If you do not receive the tracking, you can request it directly from us at

→ What happens if my delivery address is incorrect?

We recommend that you check the address indicated when placing your orders to ensure that the information is correct and complete, since it is not possible to change the address once the shipment has already been made without generating an additional shipping cost. If you detect any incorrect information, please contact nosotr@sa as soon as possible.

→ What to do if I am absent on the day of delivery?

A first delivery will be made to the indicated shipping address and if you are absent at the time of delivery, the courier will try to leave a notice in the mailbox.

After this first delivery attempt, the delegation that distributes your area will try to contact you to arrange a second delivery. If you are also absent during the second delivery, the order will remain at the branch in your area so that you can pick it up at the agency.

If for some reason they have not been able to contact you to arrange delivery, you can write to us at so that we can provide you with contact information or help as necessary.